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Symphonic Rock at it's very best.

The Composer

Rowland started the piano at the age of 4 and the French Horn from about 10. He later attended 'Morley Collage' Westminster, London England, where he took the Kingsway-Princeton music performance course on French Horn and ‘tune percussion’ as 2nd study. From then on Rowlie was able to use all three studies to juggle a career in music and applying the same learning techniques to other musical instruments, gaining a full  understanding for what other musicians had to endure to achieve there sound, that has helped when writing his music.


The Music

The album NO WORDS NO TITLE is a collection of original instrumental compositions written in a Symphonic Rock style with just a hint of Jazz & Reggae.

The successful combination of rich brass, lush strings, electric / acoustic guitars, drums / percussion and synthesisers, plus some non conventional rhythms pull this album together to take the listener on a breath taking journey.


These emotional & strong tracks were written direct from life experiences of composer Rowland Neill Civil, aka ROWLIE.

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Press Realise

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'A Ku Stik Roqucer'

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//  Origin:  England UK
//  Genres:  A Bit Of All
//  Years Active:  1968- Present
//  Label:  Un-signed
//  Website:


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