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'A Ku Stik Roqucer' are listed artists on 

"This is a journey to the edge of the mind, a musical 'tour de force'. Rowlie takes the ingredients of his life, shakes it up and rolls the dice".               Stephen Scott-Fawcett MA(Cantab)

Rowlie became my pen / stage name around the time I was at college, even through my birth name, Rowland N Civil, has been used in reviews, concert programs and some formal recognition prior to & since that time.

Rowlie is the musician, composer and artist. The other (RNC) is a very complicated, untidy, good natured, English eccentric.  


Rowland Civil is a French Horn player "on a different wave length".

"The focus was incredible" 

 Jeremy Vine,  BBC Radio 2

A Ku Stik Roqucer is the Symphonic Rock Band that took a lifetime in the making, capturing the feel of musicians working together and not just the robotic sound so often associated with other multi-instrumentalist's. There is also a team working hard to support the promotion of 'NO WORDS NO  TITLE' that feels at times like a band, even though few know the difference between a 'crotchet' and a 'hatchet'. When we get to performance, the luxury of a band  and orchestra will be needed.

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